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It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.

​Mihaela Bernard, MA, LCPC

Licensed clinical professional counselor

Licensed clinical professional counselor and a certified child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapist, specializing in working with children and adolescents, and parents of children and adolescents with special needs.

How I Can Help You

My mission is to empower, support and guide children, adolescents and their parents to a happy and healthy family.


About one precent of the population in the United Stated struggles with schizophrenia.


There is no school on how to be a good parent and how to cope with the stresses parenting puts on an individual.

Self Injurious Behavior

One of the most common symptoms, why people come for individual counseling, is some form of self-injurious behavior.


Trichotillomania (Hair-pulling)  Trichotillomania (from the Greek words “tricho” (hair) and “tillo” (to pull) – the act of pulling...


  Coping with Trauma Traumatic experiences are often the cause of anxiety, depression, self-injurious behavior, substance abuse, acting out...

Eating Disorders

For many of us, food equals love. Yet, it is not about the food at all!


Many things can trigger stress reaction, including danger, threat, news, illness, etc.


Loving each other makes it easier to solve the invariable issues that come up daily

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