Autism Spectrum Disorder

Some of the most common symptoms of autism spectrum disorder include but are not limited to:

  • deficits in social interaction and social communication
  • difficulties understanding relationships
  • difficulties forming and maintaining relationships
  • limited ability to identify and respond to social cues
  • restricted interests
  • repetitive patterns of  certain behaviors
  • inflexibility and rigidity in thinking
  • preference to specific routines and structure
  • sensory sensitivity

Often times, children, adolescent and/or adults on the autistic spectrum are sensitive, smart and unique human beings, who with the right interventions at home, school and in the therapy office can become successful and productive members of our society. Maybe your child has already been diagnosed or maybe you are concerned for his/her social interactions, behavior at home and friendships at school. Regardless of the particular circumstance, the sooner you provide the social, emotional and behavioral support for your kid, the better his/her chances are of establishing a capacity for meaningful relationships and a solid foundation for success in life.

To find out what therapy can offer to your autistic child, call or make an appointment to consult with a professional therapist.  Have a question? Email me your questions or concerns and I will do my best to help you and your family.

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