Profession Mother: A-mom-to-moms rubric


“In Comfort of Care” by Chidi Okoye

Being a mom is hands down the most rewarding job I have ever had, and yet, the most exhausting, scary and unnerving job with no expiration date, no contract, no vacation!

In November, it will be a year since I joined this one and only Profession Mother and what a better way to reflect on my newly acquired position but to write “A-mom-to-moms rubric.” Because we all deserve recognition, special attention and the occasional “Thank you, Mom!” and not only on Mother’s Day.

It is not as though we had a Profession Mother work schedule, starting Monday morning and finishing on Fridays at 5pm. No, no, no! We rarely even get a lunch break. We are on an all day long, 24/7, all year round schedule, with no vacation. Once a mom, always a mom…

So, I would like to say to all moms out there, regardless whether you are a mom-to-be, a new mom, a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, a step-mom, an adoptive mom or a grand-mom, Happy Every-Day-is-Mother’s Day! You have the most important and difficult job in the world – to raise a human being as functional and productive members of society!

For all of you moms out there,

   “Profession Mother” will be your question and answer, a-mom-to-moms rubric on motherhood, children and everything in-between. 

Because when it comes down to childrearing, regardless of what we do for a living, we all have the same worries, the same struggles, the same questions, and we all look for answers, support, guidance and encouragement.

We do not want to be blamed when our child is having a hard time. We do not want to be judged on how we mother our children, nor do we want to be criticized for having priorities other than our family, like time for ourselves, hobbies, work, shopping or simply getting our hair done.

Unlike other professions, there is no degree in professional motherhood, yet all of us are expected to know how, “have a natural instinct,” “mother knows best.” I wish it was as simple as having a “mother instinct” but the truth is, it’s not!  We worry, we doubt, we question, we cry. We ask our own moms if we are lucky enough to have them around or other moms. It’s something like an apprenticeship, except you have only so much room for trial and error.

So, for all moms out there, Profession Mother is here to stay!


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