How to create healthy eating habits for your kids and family

healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits are about so much more than simply a fit figure or a healthy body. Food is often a metaphor for mother’s love, attention and care – a representation of our first and most fundamental human relationship. It relates to self-esteem, body image and feelings of worth and contentment.It is not uncommon in psychotherapy to meet people, for whom “the food” was never “good enough;” who are always “hungry” for love, validation, care and appreciation, the (perceived) lack of which then becomes a concrete longing for food, alcohol, sex or a substance of some sort. The result – a distorted self image, feeling of insecurity and worthlessnessunhealthy eating (drinking) habits (too much or too little food), attempting to fill a void impossible to fill or deny a need never expressed. People may struggle with addiction, fluctuation in weight, feelings of self-deprecation and lack of confidence or positive self-esteem.
There are many factors that contribute to these difficulties, of course, but I am simply illustrating the importance of that foundation between mother and children, represented by food. Here are a few simple things you can do to help your kids develop proper eating habits and healthy relationships:

1. Make meal time family time and try to stick to the same hours of the day for each meal.
2. Involve your children in the meal preparation and have fun teaching them about cooking.
3. Model healthy eating habits and food choices – your little ones watch you and copy everything you do. Take advantage of this and lead by example.
4. Give your kids a sense of control by allowing them to chose their food but limit the options to two or three healthy ones.
5. Spend time with your kids playing, reading or talking after dinner. Be interested in them and their passions, talents and personality. Answer their questions and most importantly, have fun together!If you want to read more articles like this, subscribe for Mental Health Digest below, your monthly FREE electronic resources on common mental health issues affecting you and your family, plus some suggestions on how to address them. Get the latest issue below:


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