5 Signs that your child is being bullied at school


Kids tease each other all the time, that’s a given. But when do the funny jokes become flat out bullying and how can you recognize the signs that your kid may be the victim of it?

It’s always a tricky situation to handle as a parent because you don’t want to embarrass your child but you also don’t want to let the bullying continue. Consulting with a professional is a good idea, especially if you want to boost your kids’ self esteem by talking to another trusted adult other than yourself (kids often don’t want to talk to their parents about this).Let’s take a look at several signs, behaviors and risk factors for bullying at school.

  1. Certain ages are at higher risk for bullying – middle school for boys and early to late adolescence for girls.
  2. Preoccupation with social media – if a kid is inseparable from their phone, it may be a sign that something emotionally and psychologically important is happening in the cyber world.
  3. Increased irritability, defiance and arguments at home – kids don’t have the emotional capacity to communicate their feelings and frustrations; they act them out instead.
  4. Suicidal comments – children’s self-esteem is highly impacted by their peers’ opinions. Self-loathing as a result of internalized negative comments by peers can lead to suicidal ideation.
  5. Depression and anger sometimes follow as a result of bullying too. You may hear your kid make suicidal comments, struggle with their self-esteem or get unreasonably angry. These behaviors may be a sign that your kid is being bullied at school and is struggling to cope with it. 

If you are concerned about your child and you think they may be bullied, call for a free 15-minute consultation to see if counseling may be a good fit for your family. 

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